For commercial vehicles we offer complete development of driveline systems and components.

  • Concept studies and selections
  • Engineering problem solving
  • New design layouts of systems
  • Optimization of current systems and components



Development of a new gearbox


  • A market leading commercial vehicle manufacturer requested support with the development of a new gearbox variant


  • A new gearbox variant was developed and a complete virtual validation was performed
  • Prototypes were manufactured and supplied to the customer

Axle efficiency improvements


  • A commercial vehicle manufacturer requested an axle efficiency improvement


CFD oil flow simulations were performed, improvement areas identified and changes implemented.

  • Optimal oil level
  •  Oil guides to optimize the oil flow

 Efficiency was improved by reducing the churning losses.


Brake system simulation


  • A commercial vehicle manufacturer requested a simulation model of the brake system to be able to analyze the impact of design changes


A dynamic system model of the brake system was created:

  • The model was correlated thru actual measurements.
  • Key parameters affecting the tuning of the system were identified.

Design changes were implemented into the simulation model and evaluated