Fastening engineering

Light-weight and cost-effective designs with high reliability are the main requirements in the automotive, marine and energy industries of today. These requirements demand robust and optimized bolted joints. Vicura offers specialist support in fastening engineering such as, but not limited to: 

  • Continuous support in fastening engineering
  • Linear and non-linear calculations of bolted joints
  • Guidelines, Handbooks, Engineering standards and Best Practices in fastening engineering
  • Quality-assurance plans
  • Tightening specification, including elastic tightening by means of torque control, elastic tightening by means of torque and angle, over-elastic (yield) tightening by means of torque and angle control
  • Seminars/Training courses
  • Deprofileration (Reduction of parts)
  • Light-weight design, including:
    • Ultra-high strength steel fasteners
    • Aluminium fasteners
    • Over-elastic (yield) tightening
  • Other fastening alternatives, such as thread-forming screws
  • Testing of fasteners, including:
    • Fastener friction (total, thread and underhead)
    • Clamp force measurements by means of ultrasonics